The Bullpen Store


The Bullpen:  an initiative driven by the dynamic Young Entrepreneurs class at DECA High, is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit flourishing within our student community. Here, all our offerings, ranging from goods and services to support, stem from the innovative minds of students undergoing a comprehensive learning experience in business management. Every product available is a result of the collaborative efforts of our dedicated student team, guided by the insightful leadership of Ms. Peeks.

Ms. Peeks, a seasoned small business owner, a devoted parent of a DECA alum, and a passionate educator in our esteemed school, has been at the helm of the Youth Entrepreneurship program for several years. Her commitment to nurturing the next generation of business leaders shines through in the vibrant and creative atmosphere of The Bullpen.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience.  Please send any questions you may have to: