District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC) share our Top 10 Tips for Remote Learning!

Success in Remote Learning:  Parent Tips and Tricks 

Establishing Routines and Expectations 

My Kid's School is Closed, So Now What? 
This short article outlines 10 quick things you can do to set your child (and whole family) up for success during remote learning. Also includes notes about creating a family “Coping Kit” for when things get stressful! 

How to Make a New Home Routine 
This resource gives quick tips for creating a new home routine AND includes a planning tool and template you can access to create your very own! 

Building a  Learning Schedule
A sample schedule and a blank template to create your own. 

Building a Schedule That Works for Children with ADHD
A ton of resources (and a sample schedule) specifically targeted at students with ADHD. 

Defining the Physical Space for your Child’s Work

How To: Set Up a Workspace
Quick tips on things to consider as you set up your student’s workspace at home (think: eliminate distraction, use natural light, etc.) 

Creating Your Child's Ideal "Home Office" for Distance Learning
Need ideas for what to include to make this perfect for your student? Look here! 

Communicate with your child’s teacher 

Zoom Help Center

How to Use Google Classroom: For Parents! (Video)
If you have questions about daily assignments and Google Classroom, check out your teacher’s Google Site! 

General Advice & Guidance 

What Does Your Child Need to Learn This Year? (by grade) 
This resource is FULL of good stuff! By grade level, you can explore what curriculum your child needs to be learning and what physical and social development you should expect (and ways to support it).