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At Dayton Early College Academy, we firmly believe that community involvement is not just a gesture, but a precious gift that enriches the fabric of our school. As a cornerstone of Dayton, Ohio, our institution thrives on the support and engagement of our community members. Your involvement, whether through volunteering, mentorship, or partnerships, adds immeasurable value to the educational journey of our students.

By joining hands with us, you become an integral part of our mission to see every child reach their full potential and navigate the path to college success. As you explore the myriad opportunities to get involved, we invite you to discover the transformative impact of your contribution on the lives of our students and the greater Dayton community. Together, we can create a brighter future for generations to come.

A group of volunteers who work with us.

Annual Events


2022 LIves CHanged Luncheon - An Epic Moment

We were able to finally host the long delayed Luncheon to honor the success stories of DECA along with the retirement of our long time leader, Dr. Judy Hennessy.  On October 25th, 2022 at 12:00pm we were able to finally gather together, reconnect, and dine at Sinclair Community College.  It was a time of remembering, reminiscing, and reminding our community of all the good things we are doing.  We are ever thankful to our supporters, community partner, and friends who join us in this journey of proving education changes lives!  



Where: Sinclair Community College, Ponitz Center

When: October 25, 2022

Doors opened at 11:30| Program: Noon - 1 pm

It was a joyous occasion to gather and celebrate after years apart.  

Thank you to all of attended and made this Luncheon so very special.  

Our Luncheon was Sponsored by:

Synchrony Financial
Bilberry Construction
Sebaly Shillito and Dyer
Synchrony Financial

Our students' lives, and often their families' lives change because of DECA.

Judy hennessey,  Former DECA superintendent & CEo


I'm a confident person who blossomed with my roots
firmly embedded at DECA.Sondos, 2016 DECA Grad


Serving underrepresented populations is really critical work—not just to do the right thing, but to move forward and become better as a country. I am constantly in awe that we have such a willing and dedicated team of adults working so hard to serve our students. Katy Jo Bull, High School Director


728 students have graduated high school and gone on to fulfill their dreams, bolstered by the confidence of knowing they received an excellent education.Ellen Ireland, Long Time DECA Supporter