Our school district is focused on college readiness from the day a kindergartener crosses the threshold at DECA PREP and then everyday after at DECA Middle and DECA High.  We know that a quality school can make the difference for every child.  Students respond to high expectations when given timely supports and a plan to achieve their goals.  We know DECA learners are prepared to take their seats on a college campus and graduate, changing the trajectory of their lives.  

So what is DECA doing for its students and families?  While providing rigorous curriculum, we also provide "wraparound" support services.  These methods include: tutoring, connections to resources in the community, after school and weekend academic programming, mentoring, parent curriculum, college tours, exposure to career fields, college and financial aid planning and counseling, ACT/SAT prep courses, etc.  These supports prove to make a difference when coupled with high quality academic teaching and learning environments.  

DECA must close an ever fluctuating spending gap per student to ensure these opportunities continue.  The Ohio State Legislature dictates what the per pupil support will be each year.  This gap funding - the cost to educate a DECA student, minus state funds - comes from foundations and individuals who see the value of their investment in Dayton children.  

DECA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We also invite your membership as a DECA Champion.  Every dollar contributed will impact our students.  

Ways to Give