Friday, May 22, 2020

Dear DECA Middle Families,

As the school year draws to a close, it is essential that we all do our part to prevent the “Summer Slide,” or learning loss that occurs during summer months, for our students.  This year, with COVID-19 preventing us from holding in person interventions and enrichments, we have a menu of opportunities for students to participate in.  Summer opportunities will begin on or after June 15.  See below!

Available to ALL Students

Summer Reading Challenge

All kids are challenged to keep READING BOOKS all summer long!  Challenge your middle schooler to read each day for one hour, and they can earn awesome prizes (did somebody say pizza delivery?) by completing mini projects.  This also counts for the Dayton Metro Library Reading Challenge, where students can log their hours and earn prizes through the library!  Reading is the single most important thing your student can do this summer!

Weekly STEM Challenges

Each week, a STEM challenge and demonstration will be posted on social media and made available through student emails.  Students and families who complete the STEM challenges and experiments at home and submit video or picture evidence will become eligible for cool prizes!  This one will be fun for the whole family!  Keep your kids thinking like scientists this summer by participating in our weekly STEM challenges!

Summer Math Modules

The math teachers at each grade level will be providing a menu of the essential math modules for students to have background knowledge in when they start their new grade level in the fall.  All of the modules will be available online through content providers like Khan Academy.  All students are encouraged to stay sharp with their math skills this summer by spending time each day working through some of the review modules for their next grade!

Available to Targeted Students

Teachers and staff will reach out to specific students and families about opportunities for intervention and extension in small groups and individually in math and reading.  Students targeted for these groups will be contacted directly by the facilitating teachers, and all students who are targeted are HIGHLY encouraged to participate!


All interventions will begin on or after June 15!  No interventions will begin prior to June 15.