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DECA High Distance Learning Plan

Roles and Responsibilities 


  • Establish routines and expectations. Be proactive in giving your child the structure they need to be successful! Help them make a schedule for each day that incorporates breaks. Students should expect to do about 5 hours of school work each day.

  • Define the physical space for your child’s work. Make that space public, visible, and quiet.

  • Monitor communications from your children’s teacher. Staying in touch with your teacher will give you the context you need to help your child. 

  • Begin and end each day with a check-in. Get clear on goals and reflect on work! 

  • Take an active role in helping your children process and own their learning. Help them process; don’t do the work for them. 

  • Establish times for quiet and reflection. Everyone needs some quiet time! 

  • Encourage physical activity and/or exercise. Movement makes us more productive. 

  • Remain mindful of your child’s stress or worry. Help your children process this experience and be mindful of the impact of your own stress levels. 

  • Monitor how much time your child is spending online. We don’t want our students in front of a screen for 8 hours a day. Help them unglue and give us feedback on our assignments. 

  • Keep your children social, but set rules around their social media interactions. Kids need to be social. Help them do this in a kind and responsible way. 

Question about . . . 


A project or assignment 

Your child’s teacher 

A technology issue 

Personal or social-emotional concern 

Your child’s advisor

Roles and Responsibilities 


  • Establish Routines.  You should expect to do about 5 hours of school work each day. 

  • Create a focused physical and digital workspace. 

  • Check messages from your teachers in your email and Google Classroom each day.

  • Communicate when you need help!  Attend the “Office Hours” posted by your teachers, send them questions, work to meet deadlines.

  • Request tutoring sessions or help from the Writing Center if needed.

  • Continue to move forward on your Gateways.  Do what you can from home!  

  • Exercise! Movement makes us more productive! 

  • Tech as a tool. We don’t want you to be in front of a screen for 8 hours a day. 

  • Remember our community values when you chat or post on digital platforms or social media. Be social but in a kind and responsible way. Think before you post. 

Questions about . . . 


A project or assignment 

Your teacher 

A Gateway question

Your advisor

A technology issue

Personal or social emotional concern 

Your teacher

Distance Learning Time Frames and Goals 

  • The primary mode of communication for students will be via email and Google Classroom. 

  • Assignments will be submitted via Google Classroom.

  • Students should plan to spend about 45 minutes to an hour per class each day.  Just like a normal school day, students may spend more or less time on a particular subject on a given day.  

  • Teams of teachers are working to ensure students’ assignments and deadlines are appropriately spaced.

  • Students should work with their teachers and advisors to create a schedule that works best for students.