CPC/Family Engagement

This year at DECA PREP, we are bringing back our tradition of family engagement and community.  We are a charter school that believes in the power of relationships and and in our DECA Families.  

CPC = Classroom Parent Community.  

Classroom Parent Community pretty much brings the family feel back to our classroom.  Teachers and parents get on the same page as they work together.  These gatherings will create new bonds as  parents relate to their teachers as well as parents to other classroom parents.  There is nothing like knowing the families that share in your child's experience of DECA everyday.  CPC is a chance for you to have a voice and be a part of the DECA Family as we share life, food, and experiences together.  Watch for announcements.

Family Engagement Nights

Family Engagement Nights on the other hand are experiences for you and your family to come and enjoy together.  These are not for children only but will benefit the entire family.  Watch the calendar and come enjoy time with your family and ours on these engagement nights.


Mark Your Calendars

Parent Power


Past Events of 2022-2023

Parents gather at our Jan. CPC

January CPC's

Parents together at CPC
CPC families

October CPC

Thursday, October 20 @ PREP from 6pm-7pm

There will not be childcare provided and students do not have to attend. 

The event will start with brief whole-group meetings about Behavior & CPC structure. 

See your schedule below.

Kindergarten and First Grade Parents
  • - Will meet first in the cafeteria before leaving to go to classrooms.
Parents of Second, Third, and Fourth Grade students
  • - Will meet in the gym before leaving to go to classrooms.

You will enter through the Activity Center doors, which will be open at 5:50 pm. 

Please contact your child's teacher for details about your classroom meetings.

DECA PREP's Fall Festival 2022

It was a perfect night for our families to come out and have some fun connecting as a community.  

From dancing, to cotton candy, from book donations to Girl Scout sign ups - it was a fantastic time for all.  

Can't wait for our next event.