Parent Advisory Committee

The DECA Middle Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is a team of parent representatives from each grade level (5th-8th) who work closely with DECA Middle’s teachers and leadership to foster authentic parent and family partnership in service of preparing DECA Middle students to be college graduates and leaders in the future.  

PAC members make a one year commitment to serving as parent representatives, meeting five times a year, once each quarter and once over the summer, to develop goals, action steps, and advise DECA Middle’s leadership from a parent perspective. 

Are you interested in being a part of the PAC in the future?  If so, reach out to Mr.  Feltner to learn more about how to get involved:

Meet the Members of the PAC

Sharonda Huggins

I am the mother of Nathan - 8th grade - and Nicholas - 5th grade - and have been a DECA parent for 4 years. I love DECA's commitment to continuous improvement and how much the teachers and administration genuinely care about our children.  It is important for us to support each other as parents, teachers and administration to help ensure the success of our students.  Being a part of the PAC was another way for me to show my support and help influence change.

Christina Brown

I graduated from Wright State University and Patterson High School.  I am employed full time, but my number one job is to annoy my husband of 13 years, Tony Brown.  I have been a DECA parent since our oldest son started kindergarten in 2014.  I have two sons, Anthony Jr. in 6th grade, and Brandon in 2nd grade at their respective DECA campuses.  I am excited to serve on the PAC because DECA actually listens to what the parents/community wants and implements those changes.

Shawn Heflin

DECA Parent for 9 years.  I’m a veteran of the USMC, an entrepreneur in the fields of barbering, cosmetology, and most recently, contracting through my company TopCat Construction.  I have been a DECA parent since Marley started kindergarten at DECA PREP 9 years ago.  I am excited to be a part of the PAC to make sure that DECA maintains the quality and standards that were shown me in the beginning.  As you see with such a large family, education is important.  I was not directed toward college as a youth by my school administration.  I have felt short changed ever since.  That’s the most important reason I chose DECA.  DECA is for all students’ future and note just the select few, so here I am, and here we will stay.

Vincent & Nicole Fuqua

We have been DECA parents for 8 years and are the parents of Jordyn (senior) and Kyndal (7th grade).  We became PAC parents because we have a passion for collaboration. We view being a member of the PAC as an opportunity to share some of our successes as well as learn from others the best way to support our children(as a whole) to maximize their potential.

John Lumpkin

DECA Parent for 7 years, and father to John (6th) and Asena (4th). I joined the PAC to be an active participant in my children’s educational experience.

Dana Dennis

Parent of Devan (7th) and Sophie (3rd).  I’ve been a DECA parent for 4 years.  I’m excited to serve on the PAC because it gives me an opportunity to speak on behalf of the children and the parents of DECA.  I’m also excited because I will be able to help others navigate through any issues that may arise now or in the future.  Also, I think this group is something that is great and unprecedented for the administration, staff, parents, and students.

Tenae Hampton

Parent of Amileo Norvell Jr. 5th grade Mandela House.  I’ve been a DECA parent for 5 years now, and it was my pleasure to be asked to serve on the PAC.  I’m super excited to serve so that I can help contribute to the success of our children, and to ensure that others have a voice in making educational decisions here at DECA.

Keith Poole

Nia Poole and Nehemiah Poole have been DECA parents for 10 years. I wanted to be on the parent advisory committee to have a voice on what I see that is working or not working at DECA Middle.

Candy Curtiss

Parent of Anthony Jr. (8th).  I’ve been a DECA parent for 9 years.  One big thing for me is to keep my child motivated to finishing out the class of 2025.  I’m glad to be a part of the PAC for the insight of DECA through principals, motivated teachers, and other parents.

Michael Watts

DECA parent since 2014.  Last year I had the privilege of being a part of the program as well.  It allows the parents to engage with each other along with the school so as to bring real change and enhancement to DECA. So far it has been a great experience as a DECA parent and family. We certainly appreciate all of the efforts to educate parents, children, and staff.