DECA High was founded in 2003 as Ohio's first early college high school. Located on the prestigious University of Dayton campus, our program offers students from the city of Dayton a one-of-a kind opportunity to excel academically and succeed in their goal of graduating from college. In partnership with Sinclair Community College, DECA High students begin taking college courses as early as their sophomore year earning dual high school and college credit.

Our rigorous curriculum requires students to pass six sets of requirements or benchmarks called "gateways" which every student must complete before graduating from DECA. These are unique to our school and are required in addition to regular class work. 

The gateways help DECA students focus on writing skills, the steps to applying for college/financial aid, and being prepared for college life.  They include school expectations such as attendance and grade point average, as well as skill building activities that broaden the student’s knowledge of the world and specific skills needed for college like writing and public speaking.  The gateway process culminates in choosing, preparing for, and applying to college. The final gateway includes a capstone project where the student writes their autobiography and presents it to others as a way of knowing themselves and where they want to go in life.



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Katy Jo Bull
School Director
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Operations Director
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