DECA Difference

 The promise of an equitable education is a cornerstone of our vision for a healthy, thriving society. As we look into the future we are hopeful, not because our work is easy, but because our work is important, and because our students and families depend on us.

David Taylor, SUperintendent

Teachers are Advisors
At DECA, all teachers play strong advisory roles in students' lives.  It is this ongoing investment in relationships that raises expectations and reinforces behaviors that prepare our students for college. 

Community Connections
We understand the importance of connecting our students with hands-on, project-based learning experiences that bring together what they're learning in school with real-world career pathways. 

To that end, we have garnered community support from all corners of the city.  Since opening our doors, DECA students have completed over 2,500 job shadows and over 500 unpaid internships all with local Dayton businesses.  Students have also volunteered over 75,000 hour of community service in the Dayton area.  

Our Gateway framework requires students to take an active role in their own education to best prepare them for college and beyond.  Simply put, we have high expectations.  In addition to their regular coursework, all DECA students must complete the following to graduate:

  • 100+ hours of community service
  • 3 job shadows
  • 2 non-paid internships
  • Take the ACT twice
  • Maintain 95% attendance, where missed time is made up at a 2:1 ratio
  • 7 literary analysis papers
  • 20-page autobiography
  • College visits and college applications
  • Minimum of three college courses

On-site ACT Prep
All DECA students are REQUIRED to take the ACT twice.  In preparation for this important test, we provide a free, tailored course where all Juniors receive ACT preparation twice a week from a certified instructor on-site during the regular school day.