Race to the Top

DECA and Race to the Top

DECA is engaged in Ohio’s Race to the Top (RttT) efforts through three different major projects. First, as a charter school, we are engaged in school improvement focusing on aligning our courses with the new Ohio state standards, using data to improve our instruction, developing stronger formative assessments, and developing new evaluation systems for teachers and principals. DECA’s Transformation Team, composed of teachers, support staff, and administration, leads this three year effort. There are specific goals for each year and measureable targets to accomplish. Supported by the Ohio Department of Education, we anticipate being a much better school as a result of this work.

DECA is also engaged in RttT as an early college high school. Along with nine other early college high schools, DECA will implement additional supports to help our students get to college and graduate. Some of this grant will be used to extend the school day and year when students need additional instruction or guided practice.

Finally, DECA was recently awarded an Innovation Grant to extend the early college concept to a K-6 “feeder” school. This is a major help to the planning and opening of our elementary in August 2012. Look for future updates as we begin the process of creating another public charter school.

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